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    Toyota in Botswana

     New Toyota Wish in Botswana
    New Toyota Wish
    42,000 BWP
    1.8L89000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
     New Toyota Avensis in Botswana
    New Toyota Avensis
    35,000 BWP
    2.0L89000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
     Used Toyota Auris in Botswana
    Used Toyota Auris
    45,000 BWP
    1.6L89000 kmfour-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
     Used Toyota Wish in Botswana
    Used Toyota Wish
    35,000 BWP
    1.6L95000 kmfour-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
     Used Toyota Land Cruiser in Botswana
    Used Toyota Land
    240,000 BWP
    3.2L125000 km4x4dieselManualGaborone
    Toyota Altis in Botswana
    Toyota Altis
    33,000 BWP
    1.6L125000 kmfour-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Vios in Botswana
    Toyota Vios
    18,000 BWP
    1.8L125000 kmfront-wheelpetrolManualGaborone
    Toyota Alphard in Botswana
    Toyota Alphard
    48,000 BWP
    2.0L80000 km4x2petrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Wish in Botswana
    Toyota Wish
    32,000 BWP
    2.0L95000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Vitz in Botswana
    Toyota Vitz
    18,000 BWP
    1.6L76000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Vitz in Botswana
    Toyota Vitz
    26,000 BWP
    1.6L89000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Surf in Botswana
    Toyota Surf
    65,000 BWP
    2.7L89000 km4x4dieselAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Corrolla in Botswana
    Toyota Corrolla
    15,000 BWP
    1.6L145000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Runx Toyota in Botswana
    Runx Toyota
    40,000 BWP
    1.6L55000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota ACE in Botswana
    Toyota ACE
    70,000 BWP
    2.0L89000 km4x4petrolManualGaborone
    Toyota Runx in Botswana
    Toyota Runx
    35,000 BWP
    1.6L145000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Picnic in Botswana
    Toyota Picnic
    36,000 BWP
    1.6L76000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Vitz in Botswana
    Toyota Vitz
    23,500 BWP
    1.3L89000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Runx in Botswana
    Toyota Runx
    35,000 BWP
    1.6L125000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Altezza in Botswana
    Toyota Altezza
    35,000 BWP
    1.6L85000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Vitz new shape in Botswana
    Vitz new shape
    31,000 BWP
    1.5 L86000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone
    Corolla Quest 2014 in Botswana
    Corolla Quest 2014
    69,000 BWP
    1.6L 115000 kmfront-wheelpetrolManualGaborone
    Toyota Fortuner in Botswana
    Toyota Fortuner
    280,000 BWP
    2.7L84000 km4x2petrolAutomaticGaborone
    Toyota Runx Teardrop in Botswana
    Toyota Runx Teardrop
    39,000 BWP
    1.6L86000 kmfront-wheelpetrolAutomaticGaborone

    The Japanese vehicles manufacturer Toyota has been founded in 1935 at the factory of textile machines production. Administration of the company located in Toyota City, Japan. Managing director of the company - Kiichiro Toyoda decided to produce cars by the USA sample. Firstborn - A1 model appeared in 1936. In the same year Toyota had exported in China four trucks G1. In 1937 the company separated from the factory and took the name of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. In 1947, came off the assembly line Toyota SA model. Exports to the United States, Toyota car dealer began in 1957 with Toyota Crown cars. In 1959 Toyota has started car manufacturing in Brazil.In 1961, was the new release of Toyota - Publica with economical fuel consumption. In 1962 Toyota has produced one-millionth car. In 1966 born the famous model of Toyota - Corolla, which is still successfully coming off the assembly line and by the way, In Botswana, Toyota Corolla is the most popular car. In 1970 Toyota has developed 3 new models - Sprinter, Celica and Carina. In 1972, the company celebrated production of 10 millionth car. Tercel - the first front-wheel drive car of Toyota was born in 1978. At the end of 70's has been developed Toyota Mark II. The Camry model was ready for sale in the early 80's. In 1986, Toyota has produced 50 millionth car.In the late 80's out of the Toyota company gate appeared Corolla II, Corsa and the 4Runner. In 1990 the company has created it own design center. At the time of 1996, Toyota produced 90 million vehicles. In 1997 born the most popular car with hybrid engine - Toyota Prius. Hybrid engines had been installed on Coaster and RAV4 cars. In 1999, 100 millionth vehicle came off the assembly line. In 2001, the USA, sold 5 million-model Camry. At the moment Toyota - the world's largest car manufacturer higher percentage of vehicles in Botswana is Toyotas. In Gaborone you can visit Toyota Motor Centre to make your choice of availabel models. Toyota also sold in Francistown, by Ngami Toyota in Maun and in Mahalapye by Broadway Motors. You can also find thousands import Toyota cars in Botswana. Imported vehicles sold in Mogoditshane.