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    Hyundai ix35

    Audi - one of the most famous companies in Europe, which is about 100 years produces passenger cars. Creating a company associated with the name of August Horch, the great engineer, and one of the founders of the German automotive industry. Since the foundation of the Audi brand its history is connected with the tradition of sporting achievements. Due to the spectacular success of Audi in the Austrian mountain rally racing in the period from 1911 to 1914, August Horch succeeded in a few years to make the world-famous brand. The most famous model - Audi C 14/35 power of 35 hp - Even got the nickname "the conqueror of the Alps." In 1975, the car is Audi-50 - the first in the current model range Audi. In 1980, the premiere all-wheel drive modifications quattro, which, owing to numerous successes in international rallies, brought great prestige brand Audi. That four-wheel drive Audi laid a new direction to create mass-produced cars, for sport racing and ordinary people. Now, Audi has been producing a wide range of high quality, front-wheel drive cars with engines volume of 1.4 to 4.2 liters. More than a century of its existence, Audi has experienced many ups and downs, entering the 21st century world-renowned brand, which embodies a legendary German quality.