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    Hyundai ix35

    In 1920 Jujiro Matsuda has bought Abemaki - bankrupt company that worked with the cork tree, and founded new company Toyo Cork Kogyo that was the beginning of the Mazda Motor Corporation. In 1927 Toyo Cork Kogyo changed name for Toyo Kogyo Ltd and started up manufacturing of motorcycles and industrial machines.In 1931 began small three-wheeled trucks assembly, which still were more like a three-wheeled motorcycles. In 1960 has been developed the first passenger car - R360 Coupe with two-cylinder engine. This vehicle didn't have a special comfort, but it was quite affordable car. More comfortable cars - Mazda Familia 800/1000 with 4-cylinder engine appeared in 1963. In the same year, Mazda celebrated the production of one millionth vehicle.In 1966 Autoworld became acquainted with Mazda Cosmo Sports 110 S which had a rotary engine developed by Felix Wankel and with this sport cars company came into the European auto market. In 1970, with the new model Mazda Capella RX-2 Mazda begins exporting vehicles to the USA. In 1972 has been manufactured 5 millionth vehicle and was born comfortable model Mazda Luce RX-4. In 1978 the company produced sports car Mazda Savanna RX-7 with rotary engine that accelerated the car to 200 km / h. *(now the model line evolved to RX-8 and to RX-9 in 2013). In 1979 Mazda merged with Ford Motor Company and Ford acquired 25% stake of Mazda. In 1981 was born new car Mazda Cosmo / Luce. In the next year Mazda Capella 4WD model received the title \"Japanese Car of the Year\". Mazda brand in Botswana - one of the most trusted car brands. Mazda in Botswana sold by Barloworld Motor located in Gaborone, International Commerce Park.