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    Isuzu - Japanese car company, one of the world's largest manufacturer of medium and heavy trucks and buses. In 1916, the two companies - Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. made a decision - to start producing cars. In 1918, the Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship Building and Engineering has signed an agreement with the British company Wolseley Motors and in 1922 began gathering at its factory trucks under license. The first released model called A-9. After the merger in 1933, Ishikawajima Automotive Works with the company Dot Automobile Manufacturing Inc this alliance was named to Automobile Industries Co., Ltd., and released in the same year truck for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, was named Isuzu - in honor of one of the rivers of Japan. In 1937 Automobile Industries merged with two other companies and changed its name to Tokyo Automobile Industries Co., Ltd. In July 1949, it was decided to change the company name to Ā«Isuzu Motors LimitedĀ». In 1950, the Isuzu company developed the first in Japan V8 diesel engine with water cooling DA80, and also created combustion chamber with direct injection with improved design. In 1953 was concluded a contract with the British company Rootes, Ltd. about technical support in the production of passenger car Hillman. In October 1959 - on the conveyor put first truck Elf family - 2-ton TL. One of the most important events in the history of Isuzu was the signing of a cooperation agreement with the American automobile magnate General Motors, which became in 1971 the owner of 35% shares of the Japanese company. So in 1977 started production of Isuzu Florian with a diesel engine, and in 1979 debuted diesel variant Gemini. 1987 was significant in the history of the company in connection with establishment of joint enterprises Isuzu Motors and General Motors, which was called IBC Vehicles. Two years later, was presented the joint development - debut SUV MU (Amigo), which gave start of a new class of "heavy passenger vehicles." It was also established a joint venture with Subaru. In 1989 the company Isuzu became the world's leading manufacturer of medium and heavy lorries. 1997 year is beginning of production new all-wheel drive station wagon "VehiCross" and release of "Rodeo". Important role in the formation of Isuzu Motors as a global giant played unique developments of company. In particular, it made its debut in mid 2005 truck Elf Hybrid with mixed engine. In 2012 Manufacturer ISUZU presented to public a new concept car Isuzu T-Next. The creators of this fantastic truck voiced slogan corresponding, in their view, commercial vehicles of the future: "Clean, smooth, emotional." At this time, Isuzu Motors is one of the world's largest manufacturers of trucks, SUVs and buses. The company is also known for its diesel engines (including for a lot of number of vehicles of GM). The main production facilities are located in Japan. Besides Japan cars also collected in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, the U.S. and Russia.